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Convert your Fat Bike

into a trail ripper


Choose Plus Wheels

Stan's Baron MK3

Take all the great attributes of the standard MK3 rims, and make it wider. The Baron is the perfect 'middle ground' rim that will accept just about any tire from trail to plus size.

Spank Oozy 395+

Strong and light rims with a low sectional profile height and wide width for radial compliance while keeping high lateral stiffness

Race Face ARC 35

ARC Offset rims utilize an asymmetrical design to optimize spoke tension balance, wheel durability and wheel stiffness. Tubeless Ready.

Race Face ARC 40

These hoops are a wonderful balance of strength and weight, and ideal for today's plus sized tires. Plan on rolling on these fine pieces of alloy for years and years.


Carbon Wheels

Light Bicycle Recon Carbon +

Wide, strong and oh so light. Throw a pair of your favorite plus tires on, and you will be doing some smooth sailing. Off center drilling for a stronger build too.

Derby Carbon 35i

Mr Ray Scruggs pioneered the wider is better idea, and his amazing rims speak for themselves. Designed to be the most rugged carbon fiber rims on the planet, these perfectly engineered hoops will do just about anything.Lifetime rim warranty.

NOX Kitsuma

Wide, light, and incredibly strong. Uniweave construction, Anti-Burp Bump, Rockguard bead lip and asymmetric technology for state of the art wheels. Lifetime rim warranty.

Derby Carbon 40i / 45i

Light, tough, wide & brilliantly designed hoops for big tire pleasure.