Fatbike hubs are 6-bolt disc - All other hubs available in 6-bolt or centerlock disc

Industry 9 - Instant Power  


Micro Spline option - no extra charge

 Hydra Classic MTB 6-bolt disc - Super precision hubs made in Ashville, North Carolina since 2005 - smooth Enduro LLU cartridge bearings and a nearly instant .52 degree, independently phased, 6-pawl, 115 tooth, 690 point freehub.

- Eleven gorgeous color options

- Quick release and thru axle options - Interchangeable

- Boost axle options

- Lefty hub options

- Audible freehub when coasting

- Standard HG Shimano style freehub, XD driver or Micro Spline - Interchangeable

- Singlespeed hub option

Retail $650 / 460 grams per pair - Two year warranty


Hydra Classic MTB centerlock disc - Same as above, only lighter - 410 grams per pair


Torch Classic CX Road centerlock disc - Uses a very low drag, 3 pawl, 60 point freehub

- Standard HG Shimano style road freehub, Campagnolo or XD driver - Interchangeable

Retail $625 / 350 grams per pair - Two year warranty

Hydra sound vs previous 120 point Torch