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 Rim brake road wheels also available - contact us for details

H Plus Son The Hydra

455 grams each - The Hydra features impeccable workmanship, invisible rim joints, and a matt, semi shot-peened finish with subtle graphics.

Stan's Grail MK3

440 grams each - Lightweight, stiff, semi-aero and has a great bead for tubes or tubeless - Lighter & Stronger than the previous version.

Velocity Aileron

455 grams each - 700c or 650B - This US made rim has an elliptical profile designed with aerodynamics and weight as key factors.

Easton R90 SL

445 grams each  - One of the finest choices for road disc, cyclocross, and gravel builds

HED Belgium Plus

455 grams each - 700c or 650B - As a result of extremely strict manufacturing tolerances and a high level of quality control, HED has produced a series of nearly perfectly round alloy rims. This allows for finer wheel builds, ensuring longevity.


Carbon Wheels

Light Bicycle Falcon Carbon

Designed to be the lightest Road, Cyclocross, and Gravel rims for ultimate performance and durability. Five rim models to choose from.

Light Bicycle Falcon Pro Carbon

With a 25mm inner diameter, these rims provide a stable profile for even the widest gravel tires

Derby Carbon

700c or 650B - 32mm tall, aerodynamically shaped parabolic rim profile, tubeless compatible and ready for every adventure. Lifetime rim warranty.