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 Rim brake road wheels also available - contact us for details

H Plus Son The Hydra

455 grams each - The Hydra features impeccable workmanship, invisible rim joints, and a matt, semi shot-peened finish with subtle graphics.

Stan's Grail MK3

440 grams each - Lightweight, stiff, semi-aero and has a great bead for tubes or tubeless - Lighter & Stronger than the previous version.

Velocity Aileron

455 grams each - 700c or 650B - This US made rim has an elliptical profile designed with aerodynamics and weight as key factors.

Pacenti Forza

455 grams each  - The assymetric shape and off-center drilling pattern assists in the building of a stronger wheel.

HED Belgium Plus

455 grams each - 700c or 650B - As a result of extremely strict manufacturing tolerances and a high level of quality control, HED has produced a series of nearly perfectly round alloy rims. This allows for finer wheel builds, ensuring longevity.


Carbon Wheels

Light Bicycle Carbon CX36/46

410 grams each - A semi aero, 36 or 46mm rim profile, and a solid design, increases speed and lets you hit ruts or rail gravel corners with more confidence than ever before, all in a lightweight package.

LB Premium Carbon RG922/722

380 grams each - 700c or 650B - Designed to be the lightest Road, Cyclocross, and Gravel rim possible without sacrificing performance or durability.

Derby Carbon

430 grams each - 700c or 650B - 32mm tall, aerodynamically shaped parabolic rim profile, tubeless compatible and ready for every adventure.