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XC Race to Downhill

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Stan's Flow MK3 - Trail to Enduro

The beast. Made to take some serious hits, the Flow is one of the most popular mtb rims available. But don't be fooled by it's strength. It's still nimble enough to make those climbs very manageable.

Stan's Arch MK3 - XC to AM

Built for all mountain toughness, yet light enough to podium at the XC race.

Stan's Crest MK3 - XC Race to Trail

The legendary Crest is wider, stronger and lighter than ever. No other alloy rim will spin up the hill as quick as the Crest. Recommended 190 lb max rider weight.

Stan's Flow EX3 - Heavy Duty

If you’re looking for the ultimate rim for enduro and DH racing, or just want the most durable rim possible, this is it.

Stan's Sentry MK3 - AM to Downhill

Take the tough Flow rim, and widen it a bit. Ideal for big Enduro tires.

Spank 350

Strong and light rims with a low sectional profile height and wide width for radial compliance while keeping high lateral stiffness.

Race Face ARC 25 - XC to AM

Light enough to help you beat your buddy to the top of the hill, and strong enough to handle the gnarl on the way down.

Race Face ARC 30 / HD- Trail to Downhill

ARC Offset rims utilize an asymmetrical design to optimize spoke tension balance, wheel durability and wheel stiffness. Tubeless ready.


Carbon Wheels

Light Bicycle Recon Carbon

The Swiss army knife of mountain bike rims. Want to rip it up on the XC race course. We got you covered. Looking to bomb down some nasty, rooty, rocky section like never before. Piece of cake. These lightweight rims can do just about anything.

Light Bicycle Recon Pro Carbon

Light Bicycle's state of the art product

We Are One Composites

Made In Canada - No Questions Lifetime Warranty - The Insider / The Agent

NOX Carbon

Skyline / Teocalli / Farlow - Lifetime Rim Warranty

29" Derby Carbon - 30i

Made to be the most rugged carbon fiber rims on the planet, these perfectly engineered hoops will do just about anything, with 3 specifically designed models to choose from. Lifetime rim warranty.

29" Crest Carbon CB7 - XC Race to AM

An ideal balance of strength and weight, these Crest carbon rims are so light at 325 grams, yet strong enough to hammer through anything.  Recommended 230 lb max rider weight.