Terrene Honali

51.00 USD

Retail $60 - Sale price reflects 15% off 700c x 40 Light 700c x 40 Tough - 541 grams 700c x 40 DuraTough - 631 grams 700c x 50 Light 700c x 50 Tough - 716 grams 700c x 50 DuraTough - 893 grams _____

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Any Road It’s time to get away—throw a leg over the bike and hit the open road. When you are on the move and heading out onto roads unknown, tires are the last thing that should hold you back. Honali is a smooth riding all road tire that is engineered to be tough and effective in long, rough use scenarios around the world. It is designed to be ridden long distances and across continents—and it is rugged enough to do just that. Honali. Ready to Ride.