Onyx / Stan's Crest CB7 Carbon Wheel Set

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1638.00 USD

23mm internal rims ideal for tires up to 2.3" Hand-Built with Onyx Hubs - These US made hubs, from St. Cloud Minnesota, feature a unique sprag clutch drive system, which delivers instantaneous power to the drivetrain, and zero drag from the freehub while coasting. Backed by a 5 year warranty, they also include super smooth, sealed bearings, and come in over 20 color choices. YOUR CHOICE of Classic or Vesper hubs - The Classic model has ceramic hybrid bearings and includes an alloy freehub upgrade which saves 80 grams over steel. - A Vesper pair are around 100 grams lighter, come with stainless steel bearings, and an alloy freehub is standard. $2090 Value SAVE $442 __________

Additional info

_____ STANDARD BUILD - Sapim Race spokes - Brass spoke nipples - Silver rim decals - Taped for tubes & tubeless 27.5" Vesper set weights - 28 spoke - 1555 grams - centerlock disc - 1615 grams - 6-bolt disc 29" Vesper set weights - 1620 grams - centerlock disc - 1680 grams - 6-bolt disc Classic hubs - Classic centerlock disc hubs weigh 120 grams more than centerlock Vesper hubs - Classic 6-bolt disc hubs weigh 90 grams more than 6-bolt Vesper hubs The standard build is designed for strength and longevity. The Sapim Race 14/15 guage, double butted spokes are our most popular, and some of the finest spokes available. The Sapim Polyax brass spoke nipples will remain easy to turn, and last, almost indefinitely. Or, we can build them as light as 1450 grams. See options below * _____ CHECKOUT ONLINE or CALL to place an order - 715-551-7210 _____ IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU WANT for BUILD DETAILS, leave a note in the 'COMMENT' box during checkout. We can assist with your build details at any time, before or after checkout. YOUR CHOICE; HUB TYPE - Centerlock disc hubs - 6-bolt disc hubs HUB COLOR - Hubs in over 20 colors - See chart in photos SPOKE COLOR - Silver or Black SPOKE NIPPLE COLOR - Silver or Black FREEHUB - HG Shimano - XD driver - MicroSpline - Vesper model only - available as a $60 upgrade from the *Options* page FRONT AXLE TYPE - Quick Release - 15 x 100 - 15 x 110 Boost - 20 x 110 - 20 x 110 Boost - Lefty - Classic model only - Lefty Supermax - Classic model only - 12 x 100 REAR AXLE TYPE - Quick Release - Classic model only - 12 x 142 - 12 x 148 Boost - 12 x 157 Superboost _____ OPTIONS CUSTOM COLOR RIM DECALS - 7 colors - YELLOW, RED, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, STEALTH or WHITE - installed - available as a $40 upgrade from the *Options* page - silver is stock If you want to LIGHTEN YOUR WHEELS, choose from these options; ALLOY SPOKE NIPPLES - FREE / no extra charge - Available in BLACK, SILVER, RED, BLUE, ORANGE, GOLD, LIME, GREEN, PURPLE, or LIGHT BLUE - Alloy spoke nipples save 45 grams on a complete wheelset, but they're not quite as resiliant or durable as brass. However, we use the best alloy spoke nipples available - Sapim Polyax 7075-T6, heat treated for extra strength with a special coating for corrosion resistance and low friction at the spoke interface. Best suited for mtb riders under 200 lbs. SAPIM D-LIGHT or LASER SPOKES - If you want to lighten your wheels further, choose the lighter Sapim D-Light or Laser spoke options - available as a $25 upgrade from the *Options* page SAPIM CX-RAY SPOKES - If you want the ultimate lightweight spokes, choose the super strong and very light Sapim CX-Ray model - available as a $120 upgrade from the *Options* page * Complete 27.5" Vesper sets as as low as 1450 grams * Complete 29" Vesper sets as as low as 1475 grams - Built with centerlock hubs, CX-Ray spokes & alloy spoke nipples.