Light Bicycle Recon Pro Carbon Wheels - Trail to Enduro

35mm internal rim width ideal for tires from 2.4" - 2.8"

- 27.5" AM735 - 455 grams
- 29" AM935 - 470 grams

The Recon Pro rims are Light Bicycle's state of the art product;

ExoTek - Designed to come out of the molds as a finished product, the new resin system has superior consistency and forms the smoothest and most durable finish to date. From a lengthened fatigue life to more robust interlaminar bonds, ExoTek raises the bar in performance and aesthetics.

EcoTek - Built from the highest grade of steel, Light Bicycle has engineered a completely new series of molds and developed a process that delivers a near flawless product. More time is taken through the layup and assembly process so that no post-production finishing is required. This new process is more environmentally friendly because it requires less heating cycles, no sanding, and no painting.

BlackTek - Rims featuring BlackTek come out of the molds as a finished product. Traditionally, rims are wet-sanded to remove imperfections like excess resin and then sprayed with a clearcoat. BlackTek rims come with a factory finish and the outer carbon layer is never disturbed after the curing cycle is completed. This is the most hard wearing and scratch resistant finish Light Bicycle has ever produced.

Asymmetric - This optimized design significantly equalizes spoke tension between drive and non-drive spokes which results in a stronger wheel build that stays true longer.

Tubeless - All Light Bicycle rims are tubeless compatible with bead seat retention. In most cases a floor pump is all that is needed to set them up. The bead shape is tailored to each rim width to achieve the best fit. The hookless and clincher profiles have a smooth radius to reduce the chance of a pinch flat.

YEAR Rim Warranty with Crash Replacement - 25% discount on broke or compromised rims

- All wheels include a full one year warranty, plus any additional mfg warranties.
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Bitex / Recon Pro Carbon Wheel Set

Price: 928.00 USD
Hand-Built with Bitex Fat Bike Hubs - Quality, versatile, lightweight hubs from a Taiwanese company making hubs since 1978 - ABEC 5 sealed cartridge bearings, and a 6-pawl, 54 point alloy freehub. $1120 Value SAVE $192 __________

Hope Pro 4 Fatsno / Recon Pro Carbon Wheel Set

Price: 1058.00 USD
Hand-Built with Hope Pro 4 Fatsno Hubs - Excellent hubs from a highly regarded company in the United Kingdom since 1989 - stainless steel cartridge bearings and a 4-pawl, 44 point freehub. $1290 Value SAVE $232 __________

DT Swiss 350 Big Ride / Recon Pro Carbon Wheel Set

Price: 1108.00 USD
Hand-Built with DT Swiss 350 Big Ride Hubs - Based in Switzerland since 1995, these hubs are precise and durable, with sealed cartridge bearings and their solid and unique star ratchet freehub. $1280 Value SAVE $172 __________

Onyx / Recon Pro Wheel Set

Price: 1358.00 USD
Hand-Built with Onyx Fat Bike Hubs - These US made hubs, from St. Cloud Minnesota, feature a unique sprag clutch drive system, which delivers instantaneous power to the drivetrain, and zero drag from the freehub while coasting. Backed by a 5 year warranty, they also include super smooth, ceramic hybrid sealed bearings, and come in over 20 color choices. - Includes alloy freehub upgrade which saves 80 grams over steel. $1585 Value SAVE $227 __________