Stan's MK4 Wheels


Crest MK4 - 25mm internal - Gravel / XC Race / Trail
- Ideal for tires up to 2.3"
- 27.5" - 370 grams
- 29" - 400 grams

Arch MK4 - 28mm internal - Trail / All Mountain / Enduro
- Ideal for tires up to 2.4"
- 27.5" - 450 grams
- 29" - 480 grams

Flow MK4 - 30mm internal - All Mountain / Enduro / Downhill
- Ideal for tires up to 2.5"
- 27.5" - 485 grams
- 29" - 520 grams

Stan's latest update to their classic mtb rim lineup now offers an offset spoke bed which builds a better wheel. They also went with a satin bead blasted finish and discreet gray outlined logo decals. Combined with their Bead Socket Technology, Stan's rims offer the easiest tubeless setup and most reliable airtight performance. And they are the only alloy rims available with a crash replacement warranty. Constructed of light and strong 6069 aluminum alloy with re-inforced spoke beds, these amazing rims will get you up the climbs easier and make the descent even better.

- ONE YEAR CRASH REPLACEMENT WARRANTY - 50% retail discount for damaged or compromised rims

- All wheels include a full one year warranty, plus any additional mfg warranties.
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Bitex / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 518.00 USD
Hand-Built with Bitex Hubs - Quality, versatile, lightweight hubs from a Taiwanese company making hubs since 1978 - ABEC 5 sealed cartridge bearings, and a 6-pawl, 54 point alloy freehub. $700 Value SAVE $182 __________

Hope Pro 4 / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 618.00 USD
Hand-Built with Hope Pro 4 Hubs - Excellent hubs from a highly regarded company in the United Kingdom since 1989 - stainless steel cartridge bearings and a 4-pawl, 44 point freehub. $840 Value SAVE $222 __________

Industry 9 1/1 / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 638.00 USD
Hand-Built with Classic 1/1 Industry 9 MTB Hubs - Super precision hubs made in Ashville, North Carolina since 2005 - smooth Enduro LLU cartridge bearings and a very quick, 4 degree, 6-pawl, 45 tooth, 90 point freehub. $885 Value SAVE $247 __________

DT Swiss 350 / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 658.00 USD
Hand-Built with DT Swiss 350 Hubs - Based in Switzerland since 1995, these hubs are precise and durable, with sealed cartridge bearings and their solid and unique star ratchet freehub. $830 Value SAVE $172 __________

Race Face Vault / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 738.00 USD
Hand-Built with Race Face Vault Disc Hubs - An oversized hub shell increases torsional and lateral stiffness and proven, oversize 6902 bearings provide extra durability. A 60 tooth drive ring alternately engages six double tooth pawls, giving you 120 point, 3° engagement for near-instant power transfer. Wide bearing placement decreases load on the bearings, improving lifespan. $960 Value SAVE $222 __________

Industry 9 Hydra / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 838.00 USD
Hand-Built with Hydra Classic Industry 9 MTB Hubs - Super precision hubs made in Ashville, North Carolina since 2005 - smooth Enduro LLU cartridge bearings and a nearly instant .52 degree, independently phased, 6-pawl, 115 tooth, 690 point freehub. $1110 Value SAVE $272 __________

Project 321 / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 858.00 USD
Hand-Built with Project 321 Hubs - Super refined and beautifully machined hubs from a company now based in Bend Oregon. Their drive design allows your choice of a quiet or loud freehub while coasting, with near instantaneous engagement. The magnetic pawl system also reduces freehub drag compared to standard spring pawl designs. $1060 Value SAVE $202 __________

DT Swiss 240 EXP / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 918.00 USD
Hand-Built with DT Swiss 240 EXP Hubs - Based in Switzerland since 1995, these hubs have become the benchmark of quality, durability and lightweight. The newest 240 hub cuts weight and adds reliability by taking their star ratchet system and focusing on simplicity. For the Ratchet EXP, the hubs drive-side bearing is integrated into the ratchet system’s threaded ring, instead of being a separate piece beside it. This move pulls double duty, increasing bearing spacing to improve axle stiffness, as well as reducing the number of parts required for the hub. $1160 Value SAVE $242 __________

Onyx / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 928.00 USD
Hand-Built with Onyx MTB Hubs - These US made hubs, from St. Cloud Minnesota, feature a unique sprag clutch drive system, which delivers instantaneous power to the drivetrain, and zero drag from the freehub while coasting. Backed by a 5 year warranty, they also include super smooth, sealed bearings, and come in over 20 color choices. YOUR CHOICE of Classic or Vesper hubs - The Classic model has ceramic hybrid bearings and includes an alloy freehub upgrade which saves 80 grams over steel. - A Vesper pair are around 100 grams lighter, come with stainless steel bearings, and an alloy freehub is standard. $1150 Value SAVE $222 __________

Chris King ISO / Stan's MK4 Wheel Set

Price: 1028.00 USD
Hand-Built with Chris King Disc Hubs - Made in Portland Oregon since 1976, Chris King hubs feature made-in-house, angular contact sealed bearings that are second to none, withstanding the elements for years and years and years. Every single Chris King bearing is inspected and assembled by hand. The bombproof, stainless steel, 72 point, Ring Drive engagement sytem handles an incredibly high torque load of over 800 ft/lbs. $1210 Value SAVE $182 __________